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Methanation which is a technology to manufacture e-methane (synthetic methane) as a raw material for city gas from CO2 and hydrogen is one of the key technologies to achieve carbon neutrality.
This site describes the rules set by the Japan Gas Association for the use of the logos of "e-methane".

What is "e-methane"?

"e-methane", alternate natural gas, is synthesized from CO2 and hydrogen (e.g. green hydrogen).

Our thoughts on "e"

  • Realization of S+3E

    e-methane is an energy source that realizes the principle of "S + 3E"* to proceed energy policy, and we will work for its implementation and diffusion in society. *S+3E: The basic energy policy of the Japanese government. With Safety as a major premise, it aims to simultaneously achieve Energy Security, Economic Efficiency, and Environment.

  • Achieving carbon neutrality
    utilizing renewable energy sources

    In transition period, we will utilize blue hydrogen as well and other resources to expand the use of e-methane, and in the future, we will contribute to the realization of carbon neutrality by utilizing green hydrogen produced from electricity derived from renewable energy sources (electro).

JGA News Release: Unification of the name of synthetic methane to "e-methane"

How to use the logos?

  1. How to use the logos?

    The Japan Gas Association has created logos to promote "e-methane". Please use the logos for for business cards, printed matter, web pages, novelties, etc. Please refer to the following notes on the use of the logos.

    Terms of use
    • No application is required to use the logos.
    • Please use the logos in accordance with the "e-methane Logo Manual". We may request that the use of the logos be stopped if they are not used in accordance with the manual.

    "e-methane Logo Manual" (Japanese) Q&A on the use of the logos

    Variations of the logos

    Color x White Background

    Monochrome x White Background

    Color x Black Background

    Download Logos